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  • Occasionally a page of an issue may fail to load into the reader. If this happens, use Refresh or Reload on your browser. The F5 key will accomplish this in many circumstances.
  • You may experience occasional URL redirections, which will mean having to press Back twice to return to the previous navigated page. If you need to switch among multiple issues, you may wish to try using browser tabs. To load an issue or page in a new tab, right-click on the link or search result and select "Open Link in New Tab" (the exact wording will vary by browser).
  • The computer's guess (using the Tesseract engine for OCR) at the text is not layered onto the downloadable PDFs. While such layering is not a feature in Islandora, it is technically possible to do outside of it (for example, using a tool such as OCRmyPDF), but the OCR that can be derived from these scans of microfilmed newspapers is error-prone as you can see from the search result text snippets. Furthermore, the layout of pre-digital newspapers is also difficult to code for, making selecting discrete regions of text very difficult. If you would like to copy a page of text as recognized by the computer, you may do so by going to the Pages tab of an issue, then selecting "View: Text".
  • The issue viewer control panels may cover a part of the top of the first page or the bottom of the last page that you wish to view. In such cases, you can either go into fullscreen mode, or hide the panels:

Missing Issues

Unfortunately, we do not have every edition of some of the newspapers in our collection. Generally, because they were not scanned from paper digest to microfilm, they consequently were not digitized from microfilm.

Newspaper Year Dates Volume Number
Prince Rupert Daily News 1911 December 22nd 2 293
1912 January 2nd 3 1
April 15th 3 89
June 5th 3 132
June 11th 3 137

If you are in possession of any of these issues in any form, please contact the Prince Rupert Library. With your assistance, we may be able to get the issue scanned and included in this digital archive.

Numbering Anomalies

Occasionally the same issue number is repeated between issues. Typically, the numbering is not corrected, so the anomalous numbering is the numbering of record.

Newspaper Year Dates Volume Number
Prince Rupert Daily News 1932 September 2nd and 3rd 23 206
October 4th and 5th 23 231
December 3rd and 5th 23 280
December 30th and 31st 23 301